- World Class Whitetail Archery Hunts - Fellowship Adventures

Our Hunt

These are five night four day fully guided hunts in October and November. Upon your arrival in Sioux Falls you will be transported the 2 hours drive west to FA Deer Camp. After sighting in your bow to make sure it survived the trip, you can relax with a great supper and an evening looking over topo maps and game camera pictures of the areas and game you will be hunting.

For the next four days you will be personally guided and we will do everything in our power to get you a shot opportunity. We will care for your game from field dressing and transport to the processor and prepare your trophy to be delivered to your local taxidermist. Archery tags in South Dakota are guaranteed draw and you will have the opportunity to harvest a Buck and a Doe.

As you know, to find land, develop it, hang dozens of stands for every conceivable wind and weather, plant and tend food plots, hang cameras, review hundred of photos and do weeks of scouting requires an enormous amount of work and time. It's what keeps many of us out of the woods. We are thankful to be able to do the leg work for you. This is a rare opportunity to experience a trophy hunt, with some great people in a beautiful setting.

If you are pheasant hunting with us, we offer a few combination hunts that can take place immediately before or after your pheasant hunt.