Bolivian Dove Adventure

Make plans to join Fellowship Adventures for our latest adventure – High Volume Dove Shooting in Bolivia!

After extensive research, the FA Team selected The Gran Chaco Plains for an unforgettable week of wing shooting and fellowship. We had always thought of Argentina when we were dreaming about a FA South American dove hunt.  But we can assure you, Bolivia is unsurpassed. It is half the travel time and often half the flight expense. Best of all, the dove population is hard to even explain. You will shoot all you care to. 

We have partnered with a wonderful family who have a beautiful  lodge and like all our experiences our trip will have our “FA Culture”. This truly is a world class experience that will allow you to visit a wonderful country, stay in a new five star lodge, eat exquisite local cuisine, experience legendary wing shooting. And for the very first time we will be experiencing the life changing work of Compassion International.

On our final day we will get to witness the impact that Compassion is having in the lives of the children of Bolivia. That evening we will share a wonderful meal with several children who have graduated from the Compassion program in Bolivia. It’s an unforgettable day and the perfect finish to our trip that is available to us at no additional expense. 

Fellowship Adventures Bolivia Dove Hunting Adventure

Our Hunt

Each day starts in Bolivia as it did the day before, with anxious anticipation. The sun rise breaks the trees as dove swarm overhead while the hunters wade chest deep in a sea of sun flowers below. The landscape is a maze of agricultural fields bordered by tall standing timber breaks created by the Mennonites of the Chaco Region. The hard work of the Mennonite communities has created rich farmlands throughout this region and in turn allowed the eared dove to flourish in staggering numbers. With the number of dove in close proximity to the US, Bolivia has made a name for itself and never disappoints.

After a full breakfast you will head out for the mornings hunt. The morning shoots will last usually to around 11am or until everyone is shot out, returning at mid day for one of our Lodge’s special lunches. After lunch there is usually time to relax and take a quick siesta before heading back out for the afternoons shoot which usually last until 6pm or when most are done for the day.

We return to the lodge to relax, clean up and embellish stories of legendary hits and misses. Later in the evening, it’s another great meal together and a night filled with our namesake: Great Fellowship.

Our Lodge

Fellowship Adventures has partnered with the Molina family to create a world-class experience that exhibits incredible attention to detail.

The ultra deluxe lodge is without equal in Bolivia and possibly all of South America. This 20,000 square foot lodge boasts luxurious accommodations, world-class facilities and excellent staff. Featuring spacious, private rooms, a communal area as well as complete spa with masseuse, steam room, wet and dry sauna and Jacuzzi.

The food is expertly prepared using local fresh ingredients that includes the traditional Bolivian Asado. In the evenings, relax in comfort around the lodge or schedule a massage before bed. The property is expertly manicured and resident wildlife and colorful native birds call us home as well.

From the well appointed bedrooms to the solid wood furniture and inviting grounds you will find this is truly a home away from home. The best part of your stay is the service; hands on, friendly and courteous to where you will be friends with the entire staff by the time you leave.

Trip At a Glance

All-Inclusive 4 day / 4 night package Includes:

  • 2 1/2 days high volume dove hunting (5 hunts)
  • 1 day of Compassion exposure experience
  • Upscale Lodging
  • Top shelf beverages
  • World-Class Meals
  • Ground Transportation

What’s not included?

  • Round trip airfare to Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • Gun Rental ($65 day) or Gun Permit
  • Shells ($14 per box. Minimum Recommendation 5 cases)
  • Guide and Staff gratuity
  • Passport and Visa

Don’t Delay! Space is very limited so please contact us if you are interested or have any questions. This will be an amazing trip that you won’t want to miss.

More Information

These hunts have very limited space. If you are interested in joining us in the Summer of 2017 for an unforgetable adventure, please use the link below to get in touch with us. We've also provided an electronic brochure for your reference.

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