I am forever grateful to Fellowship Adventures for such an incredible time in South Dakota this fall. It was a wonderful gift in many ways. After a busy year of ministry and travel, spending some time doing something you love, with people who love and encourage you – it is a real blessing. Thank you Geoff and the Adventure staff – for great days in the field, much needed fellowship around the campfire and everything in between! You are much more than a hunting operation but a ministry that sends men home in better shape to serve! Thanks for filling my tank!
Chuck Conner | Christian Missions Unlimited
Every trip with Fellowship Adventures is an amazing time with good friends in amazing country and an incredible opportunity to enjoy God's creation.
Brad - Texas
Integrity , excellence , servant hood & encouragement; these are the words and actions that come to mind when I think of the people and the work of Fellowship Adventures. I have always loved the outdoors and the unique community that comes with being together in it. It reminds me of God's great provision and His love for us. I've been blessed with the means to have taken many adventures. It is a big Blessing to my life to be able to support an organization that I know will care for folks that so desperately need a break from their lives of service.
Anonymous Guest
Geoff, and the guys at Fellowship Adventures, have reminded me, even forced me occasionally, to think about the importance of slowing down and taking a break. It's not really in my nature to do that. I've gone home from a fishing or hunting trip, with more than just good stories to tell, but a refreshed heart and in better shape to be the husband, father and ministry leader I'm called to be.
Tim Burke | Hockey Ministries International
Without a doubt, the best week of my year - every year is my annual trip with Fellowship Adventures.
Chuck - Alabama
I know that my times away with Fellowship Adventures have been some of the best , most enjoyable, encouraging and restorative days of my life.
Anonymous Guest
I find it difficult to adequately capture in words my gratitude for the enormity of what Geoff has so deftly but skillfully put together with Fellowship Adventures. What continues to come to mind as the best way to describe it is that it's what the old Celtic Christians used to call a "thin place"—places where the door between this world and the next is cracked open and, for a moment, the light isn't all on the other side... They all work so hard to make everything as easy and seamless as possible for those who are there—and in the process their hearts—and God's grace and goodness—come through.
Arlin Troyer | M.Div., MMFT

Over the years we have hosted guests from all over the world and all walks of life. Fellowship Adventures has been privileged to create a safe, relaxed and enjoyable environment for many people that serve in the public eye. Be it from the world of sports, entertainment, politics or high profile ministry we can assure you a true “retreat”.

If it would be beneficial for you to see testimonials from guests from a specific vocation or arena, we will be happy to supply those to you. Simply contact us.

What we do at Fellowship Adventures is about much more than a world class hunting or fishing trip. It even goes beyond spending time in the outdoors with some friends - old and new. We want to play our part in allowing our Creator to use His creation to renew, inspire and encourage.

When someone makes a great shot, bags a trophy or hooks the catch of a lifetime - that makes us feel good. But when someone takes the time to write us and tell us how what we do has impacted their lives - that's what drives us. So if you are considering joining us on an adventure, we know you won't regret it.

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